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Steam,the power behind the industrial age / Damp, magten bag den industrielle tidsalder.

Garden Railway in Narrow Gauge 0  (32mm)

I finally decided to build a garden railway for my live steam locomotives in 32mm gauge . The plan was to incorporate within the railway layout, a Koi fish pond. I had to wait for the pond to take shape before i started marking out the track layout as it is obviously much easier to lay track around a pond than build a pond within the track !

The pictures below chronicle the progress with Phase I as the pond build and Phase II which is railway build

Phase I (Pond build)

 This  first picture shows the proposed corner of the garden for the pond and railway. It will be fenced off with a low fencing to stop any visiting children from falling into the pond , likewise stopping my devilish dog from destroying my railway when he gets bored.




 The pond is almost finished now and excavation for the railway track foundation has commenced.

Phase II (track layout)

I plan to use PECO Flexitrack SM-32 and these had to be ordered from the UK as they were difficult to come by here in Denmark.

 I poured a layer of concrete as my foundation into the dugout trenches and then i laid down the brickwork, this is the longest i have ever been on my hands and knees.


 Here is a picture of the main circuit which is 48 yards . I had to make the brick surfaces the same level as the grass to allow for mowing the lawn without damaging the tracks, this has resulted in a few roller coaster gradients but i guess that all adds to the fun of a bumpy ride.


The pond got its first inhabitants , which are a few fish 20 cm long goldfish to keep the filter bacteria active. The Koi carp will come when it gets a bit warmer.
The picket fence round the area has been erected around the area to keep my dog out .
The main circuit of track is now completed and i ran my little electric loco to test it, i was full of smiles
and tomorrow  i will be  running one steam loco just to be sure before fix it down with 'Rowlands cement mix'



Things are coming into perspective now .


 An extra loop within the main circumference of track has been added so i have 2 loops to choose from when i run my locos.The Koi pond has also matures a bit further and things are gradually taking shape


here is a little Video showing a drivers view of the trackVzkRFQziskQ




Stay tuned for more updates on the railway.......