Model Steam engines / Model Dampmaskiner

Steam,the power behind the industrial age / Damp, magten bag den industrielle tidsalder.

Edenhouse 'Ralph' coal fired locomotive

The locomotive uses the already tested and proven Roundhouse running gear . The buffers ,smoke box , pressure gauge and safety valve are also Roundhouse . The Boiler is subcontracted to order , the chassis and bodywork are made in house as i was told. The Loco feels solid in hand, heavy and firm and the bodywork is not flimsy at all. it is secured with hex screws all round and can be easily removed if you want to create a Hunlset looking locomotive from the chassis. The locomotive does not have a water pump , instead of this it comes with a precision Rectus valve to top up the water , the Rectus valve locks the feeder pipe in place so you can refill with just one hand and a water bottle. Edenhouse claim that you can get about a 10 min run on one tankful, though i have not yet tested that claim yet . My reasoning is that , if i have to keep tending a fire every few laps, i may as well give it a few squirts of water at the same time. I have only attempted to fire her up 3 times now and being a newbie to coal firing coupled with the fact that i may have purchased anthracite which was probably not the best quality in the market , the first 2 attempts did not go well . After some good tips 'n' tricks from the internet, the 3 attempt went much better and i got a few run laps out of her on my very uneven garden railway in the chilly danish breeze of 10 degrees centigrade.

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